Six good times to have sex (II)

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Six good times to have sex (II)
Six good times to have sex (II)When in need of sleep
How multifunctional sex can be! Studies have shown that sex is one activity that makes people want to sleep, after reaching orgasm. This implies that married couples who have difficulty in sleeping or insomnia, which is habitual sleeplessness, should resort to sex anytime they need sleep. The studies show that after men ejaculate or women reach orgasm, a torrent of hormones, including serotonin, prolactin, oxytocin, norepinephrine, vasopressin and nitric oxide are released into the system, thereby creating a deep sleep-inducing effect and reducing stress levels, which result in relaxation and sleepiness.
This (sleep) effect is applicable to both sexes but it is much more in men and that of women is almost negligible, which explains why men are not good for pillow talks after sex. A group of scientists led by a French neuroscientist, Serge Stoleru, had in a study scanned some men’s brains before and during orgasm and found that the cerebral cortex, which is the thinking area, shuts down almost immediately after orgasm, and straight afterwards, two other areas – the cingulate cortex and amygdale – direct the rest of the brain to deactivate from sexual desire and shut down. They also found that after the exercise, the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain associated with consciousness, information processing, mental activity and responding appropriately, would experience decreased activity after orgasm. So, to fall asleep, go for a romp in the sack.
After an exercise
Doing exercise is no doubt a stressful activity but it comes with its benefits as well. Coupled with those benefits, scientists have advised that having sex after a workout is good as such persons tend to enjoy it more, given that exercise boosts libido. A study found that as much as men experience more and better sex when they do exercise, women also experience increased genital arousal – up to 169 per cent more – after 20 minutes of cycling. In addition, the release of testosterone, the sex hormone, tend to rise after an exercise, thus, sex at such a time would be more enjoyable.
In the same vein, O’Reilly pointed out that when a person’s adrenaline is high, the body is already in a state of arousal and the person’s sexual response is often heightened. The effect is even more when the man and the woman do the exercise together, just as a study by Kristin McKinne points out that there is a major positive correlation between adrenaline and attraction. According to a medical doctor, Rotimi Adesanya, exercise is relaxing, thus a person could be in the mood to have sex because of the adrenaline and other hormones that would have been secreted during the workout.
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